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5 Ways in which an Intellectual Property Lawyer Can Help You

What is an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

Intellectual Property lawyers are the advocates that aid in protecting all kinds of intellectual property. They can act as representatives, counselors, and advisors for intellectual property matters.

Intellectual property lawyers help in preparing all the documents required to file for patents and trademarks. In case of any dispute, the IP lawyers help in analysing, defending, and settlement for intellectual property. 

Being one of the best Modesto California Intellectual Property lawyers, I look forward to providing complete assistance in interpreting all the laws/regulations for all the clients. I do complete research in preparing all the documents, and establish a two way communication with all our clients and professionals.

Here are the five ways in which a Intellectual property lawyer can help you:

  • Registering a Trademark in California
  • Help Copyright[Trademark] a name
  • Patent Your Inventions and Ideas
  • Protect Intellectual Property
  • Protecting your Trade secretes

Registering a Trademark in california

Trademarks are registered to establish a unique identity for your brand and it makes you stand apart.

Modesto California intellectual property lawyers

In general, a trademark is a symbol that represents your business, reputation, identity, and goodwill. It can be an emblem, logo, phrase, etc. Once you register your own trademark, then you can fight and claim against any personnel who tries to use your trademark for their own profit.

If you do not have proper registration for a trademark, then there are chances that potential competitors might use your trademark.

Therefore, you need an experienced trademark lawyer who can help you in the trademark registration process and fight for your intellectual property rights.

Help Copyright[Trademark] a name

This is the question that most people have, which is “Can I really copyright a name?”

No, actually you cannot copyright a name, but you can trademark the same and attach a name that you can use for protecting your business.

Modesto California intellectual property lawyers

Here are some of the ways in which you can trademark a name:

  • Common Law: The common law trademark basically means a business uses a name for selling/promoting their goods and services. The common law varies from one geographic location to another, where your business will retain all the rights in the respective geographic areas, where the name is recognized as a trademark.
  • State Trademark Registration: The second thing that you need to do is to apply and register via the State’s Secretary. This registration provides protection and the ability to sue potential perpetrators for statutory damages as per the state code.
  • Federal Trademark Registration: This is the complete trademark registration that protects the name throughout the country. This registration for both the US based business owners and foreign business owners operating in the US.

Patent your Inventions and Ideas

The Intellectual property lawyers aid in protecting all kinds of inventions, and discoveries. This is important especially for business in the manufacturing industry, news journals, blogs, etc.

The Intellectual property lawyers are the protectors of creative thought, where they are involved and aware about all the ideas, creations, economic productivity, and scientific discoveries.

Therefore, having legal protection is necessary to protect and defend all the things that you have built with your hard work and time.

Protect Intellectual Property:

Just registering an intellectual property is not enough, you need to exercise your rights to protect everything that you have built with your hard work.  Unfortunately, most people do not know about their intellectual property rights, and this is why many perpetrators get away with abusing/misusing your intellectual property.

An experienced professional lawyer will take care of everything including the paperwork, research, and strategy for filing your intellectual property case.

Protecting your Trade secrets

Involving experienced IP lawyers in your business decisions allows them to clearly monitor and keep a note of all the things that need protection.

Once an IP lawyer has a note of all the things, then he can assist you in making the strategy for protecting your trade secrets and fighting against all the potential perpetrators.

A trade secret is no less than any other kind of property because it requires a lot of effort, strategy and time to standout in the competitive business world.

Summing Up

Protecting your intellectual property is a must do practice in the competitive business world because you never know when a perpetrator might misuse your own trademark, copyright and patent. It allows you to stay in control and exercise your authority properly over all your intellectual property.

Hiring an experienced IP lawyer gives you the freedom to conduct your business without any worries because everything is being taken care of by your IP lawyer.

At, I always look to hear from business owners who are interested to talk out protecting their intellectual property and make sure that under no circumstance any perpetrator is capable of misusing their intellectual property.

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