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Here at JPink Law, we take pride in helping others find their way through the difficulties of California Law. This blog is written to help you to keep up with the always changing business and estate planning laws here in California.

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Why Laws of Inheritance Were the Foundation for Stability in Ancient Rome

The Inestimable Impact of Roman Law  The legal structure of the ancient Romans played a big role in changing the world’s legal system. Its influence started across Europe and extended worldwide.  From being an agrarian society, the Roman Empire transformed into commerce.  The reliable laws of inheritance were critical to the continuance of Roman society.

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College Student – Legal Paperwork

Dropping Your Child Off At College?  Know What Legal Documents They Should Have.  They may feel like your kid still, but under the law once they reach age 18 they are an adult and your rights over them are reduced unless they give you authority. That authority breaks down into two categories: 1. Financial; 2.

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Estate Planning for the Business Owners

“Small businesses,” that is, those that have less than 500 employees, comprise 99.9 percent of all businesses in the United States. The owners of these businesses will, someday, exit their businesses due to retirement, incapacity or death. But most are so busy working that they don’t slow down and think about business succession and estate

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Planning for Pets

What Will Happen to the Pets When the Owner Becomes Disabled or Passes Away? Most pet owners want their pets to go to good owners if something should happen to them.  Providing for Pets Upon the Owner’s Death Outright Gifts The law treats pets as property, and thus an individual cannot leave money outright to

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Buying or Selling a Business: FTB Tax Clearance Certificates

California is synonymous with taxes! When buying or selling a business, it is important to know if the company you are buying or selling is up to date in paying its tax liabilities. California code holds the successor to a business transaction personally liable for the payment of taxes, interest, and penalties due – plus

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5 Tips Small Business Owners Can Use to Find Great Legal Services​

Most small businesses cannot afford to keep in-house legal counsel, but that does not mean they would not benefit from an attorney’s services. Navigating complex areas of the law is best left to professionals. JPink Law shares five tips that small businesses owners can use to select a law firm. Understand the Legal Issues Before

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