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Guide to Legally Naming a California LLC

A new LLC name must be distinguishable from an existing name. You can search existing LLC names here:

The name cannot mislead the Public such as by creating a false implication of government affiliation. Basically, don’t use: “Agency,” “Commission,” “Department,” “Bureau,” “Division,” “Municipal” or “Board” in any name you pick.

You must add a “Business entity identifier” such as:

  1. Limited Liability Company
  2. LLC
  3. L.L.C.
  4. The words “Limited” and “Company” in a limited liability company name may also be abbreviated to “Ltd.” and “Co.”, respectively.

Business entity names must use the English alphabet or Arabic numerals (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) or symbols as listed in Section 21002(b) or a combination thereof. The Authorized Symbols are:

(b) The following items are examples of symbols:

At / each @
Number / pounds #
Dollars $
Percent %
Caret ^
Ampersand &;
Asterisk *
Plus / positive +
Equal =

Cal. Code Regs. Tit. 2, § 21002

See more here: Business Entity Names :: California Secretary of State

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