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JPink Law helps small business owners and your families provide peace of mind that your legal house is in order  through taking your business to the next level and protecting your family with an estate plan.

Getting Legal Help is inexpensive and easy when you follow our 3 step Plan

Our Legal Services are like a car. They keep you safe and take you where you want to go. 

Have a Call and Get Your Legal Road Map

Each situation and person is different. In order to be able to provide the best plan of action set up a free introductory call with our legal team.

Our Team works with You to Implement the Plan

Our legal team and attorney organizes all of the necessary paper work and will make sure you understand what and why you are signing.

Focus on Life! Not Your Legal Problems

We will check in regularly to let you know of new laws, or if changes in your life event requires a change of action. Our team is always available if you have questions.

Don't let a legal pitfall destroy the hard work you have done

Do any of the following apply to you and your business? If you say YES to any of those then you need to consider a corporation or an LLC.

  • Making over $200,000 in revenue and filing as a Sole Proprietorship makes you a top target for IRS audits.
  • Run a business? 
  • Have 1 or more employees?
  • Have company trucks or cars?
  • Have a business partner?

Starting a Business
Incorporation and LLC Formation

How to Incorporate a Business in California:

  • Should I incorporate or form an LLC for my business? What are the benefits of incorporating a small business?
  • Why choose an LLC over a corporation ? and how do I pay myself from my LLC?
  • Does an S Corp owner have to take a salary? Should an LLC owner take a salary?

Copyrights, Trademarks and Intellectual Property:

  • How to copyright a name?
  • What is Copyright and trademark registration?What is the difference between trademark, copyright and patent? and how do you file for a trademark in California?
  • Do I really need to trademark my logo?
  • How to protect an idea?
  • How do I protect intellectual Property? And what is the best way to protect intellectual property?
  • What cannot be protected as intellectual property?
  • How should I protect my personal estate as a business owner?

Maintaining a Business
Receiving Ongoing Legal Support

Business Annual Maintenance:

  • You go to the doctor every year – do you make time to review your business?
  • There are over 1,000 new laws every year in California, plus court cases, tax code changes, elections and more that constantly require strategic review and supervision.
  • What are shareholder meeting requirements?
  • What is the difference between a board of directors meeting and annual general meeting?
  • Do Corporations have to have annual meetings?
  • What should be included in annual corporate minutes?

California HR Compliance Checklist:

  • What are my rights as an employer in California? Are employers required to proivde a job description?
  • What are the responsibilities of the employer and employee? and what is employee benefits?
  •  How do I avoid EEOC claims and complaints?
  • How can I avoid a lawsuit?
  • How to avoid wrongful termination grounds for lawsuit against employer?
  • What are FMLA violations?

Meet with an attorney that gives you peace of mind that your business is in compliance and set-up for future success.

Buying or Selling a Business
Growing or Exiting your Business

Buying or Exiting a Business in California:

This can be one of the biggest decisions of your life – even affecting multiple generations to come. Are you looking for an attorney that can help you through the process?

  • Do you want to set up your business the right way?
  • Do you know the difference between an asset purchase / sale versus a Stock purchase / sale? 
  • Are you familiar with a Section 1202 exemption?
  • Have you considered a Section 1045 Exchange?
  • Are you prepared for Depreciation Recapture?
  • Have you set-up a Donor Advised Fund to help you and your family with philanthropic opportunities?
  • Do you need someone to help with Bulk Asset Transfer compliance?
  • Do I need to re-register a business with the state of California that I recently purchased or gained ownership of?

Don’t be intimidated by all these items – reach out and get help to maximize the opportunity before you!


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Attorney. Confidant. Your Legal Advisor

Jay Pink is an attorney who left an established law firm and opened his own law practice focused on helping small business owners – including fellow attorneys. Having his CPA license, and working in multiple family businesses over his career has positioned him to provide valuable insight on successful business operations.

Jay knows legal problems are not just problems they are events that shape your life. As a Father and active member in our community Jay gives you personalized solutions while keeping your personal information safe.

With an approach to protect your future legacy, Jay wants you to also live in the present by giving information in a clear way, as well as accommodating to your life’s busy schedule.

Read About Me and My Team…

Admitted as an Attorney to the U.S. Tax Court

Admitted as an Attorney to the CA Supreme Court

Admitted as an Attorney to the U.S. Tax Court

Admitted as an Attorney to the CA Supreme Court

Admitted as an Attorney to the U.S. Eastern District Court

Admitted as an Attorney to the U.S. Northern District Court

Rated as Super Lawyer

Have legal questions? Get Answers.

You shouldn't be confused or uneasy about choosing the right business entity structure.

This guide gives you the information you need to rest easy as you work with Jay to pick the correct entity formation to protect your business ventures.

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