Entity Formation and Legal Services for Starting a Business

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Let’s be real, legal, although a necessity, isn’t what you want to focus on, you want to focus on growing your business while protecting your family. We want you to do the same – that is why we provide the legal protection you deserve without spending too much time or money away from the important things in your life!

Starting a Business is Hard. Don't Make it Harder on Yourself.

You need a trusted legal partner to protect you, your loved ones, your wallet, and your time.

No one should have to pay for something that could have been prevented. Your time is already limited and spread between business and family – don’t spend any more of it on legal than you have to, let us handle it for you and have peace of mind that it is done with excellence.

Business owners that try and do their own legal is like a superhero trying to do everything at once and failing. Most business owners can’t keep up with ever-changing laws in California and stay on top of their business and family life at the same time.

That is why we have dedicated our careers to helping business owners like you.

Don’t follow the example of many and lose precious time doing legal work, only to miss something down the road that causes you to pay thousands of dollars that could have been prevented.

Get Legal protection and advice without having to trade your time or financial security.

Entity Formation and New Business Services from JPink Law Provides You With:

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Legal Services New Businesses in California Need.

Do not let a legal issue trip you up as you start your business. These small things can ultimately close your business or cost you and your loved ones everything if not done properly. There are many ways we can help. These are just a few of the most common legal services a new business needs

Entity Formation and Incorporation

Every business needs to be formed for tax and legal purposes. We simplify this complicated process and make sure you are set up for success.

Copyrights, Trademarks and Intellectual Property

It is too easy for someone to take credit for your hard work. We help file and protect intellectual property so you can maintain your competitive edge.

Estate Planning

Many business owners start a business not realizing they risk their personal assets. We help protect you, your assets, and loved ones in case a legal problem arises.

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California Entity Formation and LLC FAQ's

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There are many myths of working with a lawyer and one of those is you have to have a legal issue before talking to one. If you have an issue please call us now. If you don’t, still reach out – we believe in being proactive instead of just reactive.

What Our Clients Love About our Legal Services

Great service, communication, and attention to detail. Everything I expected and more, Jay and his office provide the best advice and assistance one could ask for, goes above and beyond what is expected and leaves no stone unturned. Completely satisfied and highly recommended!
Jay is an exceptional resource to have in your back pocket. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to answer any question you may have. I’ve used his services a few times! One was to build my family’s living trust, and next was to help establish a new business. I highly recommend you schedule a meeting with him, you won’t regret it.
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Batman had Alfred. You have Attorney Jay Pink.

Jay Pink is an attorney who left an established law firm and opened his own law practice focused on helping small business owners,  and families. Having his CPA license, and working in multiple family businesses over his career has positioned him to provide valuable insight on successful business operations.

Jay knows legal problems are not just problems they are events that shape your life. As a Father and active member in our community Jay gives you personalized solutions while keeping your personal information safe. 

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