Legacy Letter (Or Video)

When talking about your estate it mostly focuses on your assets – your money and your stuff. But, there is MORE to you than money, and when thinking about who will inherit your assets I encourage clients to write out some other valuable and important family items. 

There are some sample writing prompts below – feel free to use them or make up your own stories. These items can be tucked away in your estate plan and no one needs to read them until you’ve passed on. There have been a number of times when you open up the estate planning documents after a loved one dies and you see a sweet letter to a spouse or grandchild. 

I have seen wonderful stories about where a grandpa caught his first fish. You know that one lake would become a family treasure for generations to come afterwards just by knowing that one fact about someone. 

I have heard stories of how a serendipitous encounter changed the location and direction of a family that has ripple effects for generations. Knowing the people, circumstances and stories behind such events makes for a wonderful heritage for families. 

Don't let your story be lost to the sands of time - Maximize your estate plan experience and include a legacy letter!


Don't miss out on a powerful element of your estate plan

Consider sharing your thoughts on the following:
From my parents/grandparents, I learned…
One good piece of advice i received was…
Some of the life-changing events of my life were…
One thing my children don’t know about me but should…
My faith means to me…
Ask about adding this to your estate planning package

This is not your “Will” but rather an ancillary element to be included with your estate planning package which allows you to pass on hopes, dreams and things of value to your legacy that aren’t captured in traditional  Will and Trust documents.

Writing Prompts For Legacy Letter/Video

Wisdom Received:

  • From my parents (or grandparents), I learned…
  • One thing I admired about my parents was…
  • One good piece of advice I received was…
  • What is the most important piece of advice I can give to my grandchildren?
  • What is one thing I have left unsaid?

Sharing My Personal Story:

  • My faith means to me…
  • I am most grateful for…
  • What do I want to make sure my loved ones know about me?
  • What is one thing my children don’t know about me but should?
  • How did growing up in my hometown influence the way I turned out?
  • Who are the three most influential people during my childhood?
  • What were some of the life-changing events of my life?
  • What were some of the biggest challenges I had to face?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What holidays are important to me and why?
  • What do I really cherish and love about my life?


  • What do I most appreciate about having money and why?
  • What are my greatest fears or regrets about money and why?
  • What do I want my heirs to accomplish with inherited material wealth?
  • What are my concerns regarding transferring my wealth?

My Community:

  • What two or three accomplishments am I most proud of?
  • How has my definition of success changed?
  • What legacy would I like to leave to my community?

L'dor V'dor

Hebrew Saying: "From Generation to Generation"

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