Want to establish an estate plan?

Here’s What the Process Would Look Like

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Are you wondering: 

What is the difference between a Will and a Trust? What is Probate and when/why to avoid it?

What options are there for how and when my kids inherit? and more…

Step 2: Design Meeting with Attorney

Ready to move forward? Attorney Pink will walk you through all the options and design a trust that is best suited for your family. You will receive an invitation to schedule your EP Design meeting. You can schedule this with our online scheduler to find a convenient time. These are usually done via online meeting and can be done after hours if your work schedule requires that. In-office appointments are available upon request as well.

Step 3: Provide Details

The next step is for you to complete our secure online intake form. It will be sent to you shortly after you confirm your EP design schedule. In preparation for your EP Design meeting, we will also send you an EP Design Pre-Work form. This form is designed to give you a head start in thinking through your estate plan design. Some of the key decisions you will need to make are “WHO” will play different roles in your plan. The attorney will go over this with you, but feel free to start with some ideas. These two forms should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time and we do not need account numbers, statements or balances at this point.

Step 4: EP Review/Signing

Approximately, 2-weeks after your design meeting, your estate plan documents will be ready. An experienced team member will point out the highlights of your new documents and you’ll have a chance to make any changes. If you haven’t set a signing meeting during the Trust Design, we will send you a follow-up invitation to schedule your EP signing. This usually is done in person because most documents need to be notarized, but you can also choose to arrange your own signing or have a mobile notary come to you.

Step 5: Delivery and Payment

We will deliver your documents in a nice box for safe keeping. You will have PDF version, originals and a paper copy – keep the originals safe, and you can use the copies to finalize any next steps you have in your plan. In the event that we have filed some documents in your behalf, we will mail it to you once we receive the documents. We will send you the final invoice after the signing meeting. You can pay online or mail in a check.

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